Taking the "Ouch" out of "Watch Out!"

ProTEKt Skid Plates attach to the underside of your front bumper to protect your valuable paint and factory front bumper cover, while blending perfectly with the bumper contours, for a factory, OEM look. Machined from ultra-durable High Density Polyethylene, our plates will never wear out and are guaranteed for life. This slippery material lowers friction, so your bumper slides easily over bumps and surfaces, and minimizes stress on bumper mounting tabs, reducing damage, wear and tear. Each skid plate set is designed to be application specific, for an exact fit that helps to maintain factory ground clearance. Our easy installation kits come complete with all necessary stainless steel hardware, and do not require any special tools or equipment. Our products are all designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.


Guaranteed for Life!

ProTEKt skidplates are made from 3/8" thick marine quality high density polyethylene. This material was chosen for its superior outdoor performance, temperature stability, low coefficient of friction, and extremely high wear resistance. High density polyethelene is commonly used in industry, as a replaceable wear spot on moving production lines, conveyor systems, and in automotive and motorcycle chain guides. 

All hardware is full stainless steel for long term corrosion resistance, with nylock nuts for added security.   Also, only metric (M6x1)  nuts and bolts are included, to properly match the existing hardware on all modern cars.

With ProtektSkidPlates, you will have peace of mind that your precious paint and front bumper are protected during your daily, or not so daily, drive. If your skid plates wear out, contact us and we will replace them for life!


Installation is unique for each application and is designed to be super easy.  We are currently creating installation guides for each model.  Please contact us if you have any questions about intallation for your particular model.

FRS - Check out this article by Mike Kojima at MotoIQ for an installation guide 

Corvette C7 -Check out this article by Brent Davis at Corvette Online for easy instalation